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Closed Cooling Tower (CCT)

Cooling tower is the new product package of Moein Zist Arya Company which can reduce the cooling water temperature in various industries without effecting from the weather conditions and without water consumption. In this product, the water from the cooling tower is flown in a closed cycle and does not directly contact with the air. Therefore, the problems which emerge by contact of water and air in wet cooling towers will not matter in the closed cooling tower. Also in a closed cooling tower, using steam compression technology, the desired temperature difference between high-temperature source (cooling water) and the low-temperature source (air or sea water) is always provided. Therefore, this system can provide the cool water needed in different industries with its maximum nominal capacity even at the hottest days of the year.

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    Closed Cooling Tower

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

ZLD is a water desalination method in which all solids are separated from water and the system output is only distilled water and dry salt. This technology uses evaporator and crystallizer to separate solid soluble in water. In the ZLD system, three technologies are combined. Initially, saline water enters the evaporator and condensates up to 300,000 ppm to the TDS. Condensed saline water enters crystallizer and water-soluble solids immerse in the form of crystalline in the water. The output wastewater from the crystallizer enters the centrifuge and dry solid salt with very low moisture content will be produced. The ZLD method has a sweetening ability of up to 99% water. The structure of the ZLD method is presented in the figure.

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    Zero Liquid Discharge